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“What is Pilates for me? Pilates for me is a complete entity.

Pilates for me is a way of life that connects the body and the soul. Pilates for me is a breath of fresh air. It’s time for myself, a connection to the soul as much as a connection to the body, the flowing air, focused breathing, and absolute concentration like no other. I encountered Pilates after exhausting fertility treatments, which brought me completeness and the possibility to move forward in life without hindrances. I will never forget my first trial Pilates lesson. I came with the intention not to feel anything more. But I discovered a whole new world – a world that made me connect and feel, rather than escape and disconnect.

In Pilates, one of the key focuses is finding the center. What is the center, actually? How do you find the center? It initially felt like nonsense to me. But in Pilates, everything is well thought out. You quickly understand what the center is – stability, core muscles, the abdomen, the body’s strength. Just like the sun, radiating its rays to everything around it, that’s the center. My center was initially very weak. My head and neck could barely lift during the exercises. It took time for all of this to start working. But of course, it eventually happened. “Take air in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.” At first, it felt like a cliché. But with time, I realized that with every breath, I renew myself, infuse oxygen into my blood, and give life to myself. “Straight back, grow taller, lengthen.” Additional emphasis. We need to know how to stand tall, with a raised head, long, with confidence, proud of who and what we are. “Relaxed shoulders.” Another emphasis.

You need to know how to release, to let go. Who said that all the weight I carry on my shoulders serves me? During the practice, you need to know how to release.

There’s something deep here. Complex. Much deeper than I thought before. Pilates is an exercise method that, for me, is a way of life. I was reborn after falling in love with the method. The addiction came very quickly. And then I decided to turn my hobby into a profession. Today, I say with a full heart that the journey I’ve been through, I want to pass on to others and let everyone experience it with me. 

I invite you to go on an exciting journey with me, where you’ll get to know yourself anew, and after each lesson, you’ll leave with insights and conclusions, with positive feelings. Improve your self-image, your body, and your soul together. 

Join me on this new path!”



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What is Pilates?

Try a different kind of workout. Pilates is a low-impact workout that strengthens your body from the inside out. By building up your core muscles, Pilates improves your flexibility, mobility, and energy-helping you move better and feel better in your body.


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