Flexibility and Stretching

Before we start talking about flexibility and stretching, I will present to you the recommendations that will positively impact your body, and with this frequency, you will feel a difference and improvement:

  • Frequency – Preferably on a daily basis, and if not, then at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Application – 2-4 sets for each stretch, with each stretch held for no less than 30 seconds! Less than 30 seconds, and the stretches will be much less effective. You should reach a slight discomfort but not pain. Don’t give up on this!
  • Types of stretches – Make sure you are working on all muscle groups.

What is flexibility?
Flexibility is defined as the ability of the body’s joints to move freely throughout their full range of motion without causing pain, injury, or damage to the body.

Flexibility is influenced by the structure of bones and tissues within the joints, as well as the functioning of the nervous system.

In a health context, flexibility is one of the components of physical fitness.

So here are some reasons why flexibility is important for us:

Flexibility plays an important role in our fitness workouts. It helps us in strength training, Pilates, and aerobic exercises.
Flexibility has a positive impact on the nervous system, the respiratory system, spine stability, and prevents stability imbalances, allowing the body to be properly balanced and positioned.
When we see an improvement in flexibility, we reduce the risk of injuries and enable more effective daily activities.
A more flexible muscle can withstand resistance better, as in strength training.

In conclusion, if you incorporate stretching exercises and make your muscles longer, you will feel an improvement in your regular fitness routines. Yes, sometimes it’s frustrating to start from scratch. Most people are not naturally flexible, and some may feel short on range of motion. Most people focus on strength training and don’t think about stretching the muscles.

But I promise you – it improves over time.

I wasn’t born flexible! I set a goal for myself to succeed in doing the splits. I worked on it a lot! In the beginning, it was frustrating, and it felt almost impossible. But over time, I saw improvement, and I didn’t stop.

Every day, I do stretching exercises, stay in each stretch exactly according to the recommendations, and challenge myself each time.

You can simply sit in a room, decide on a number of stretches in advance, stay in each stretch for 30 seconds, and do 2-4 times for each stretch (as I mentioned in the recommendations above).

So, slowly but surely, you will succeed too. I promise. But it all depends on your perseverance!

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